Using our Money Managers to help achieve your goals

If you want the control and visibility of owning individual asset classes without having to evaluate complex markets and make buy and sell decisions, one of our managed account programs is right for you.

By selecting us to manage your capital you delegate the research, monitoring, and selection of asset classes to one or more of our money managers who are focused on making you money. With our managed accounts, you can also take comfort and sleep well at night knowing exactly which securities are held in your portfolio. Although we do not recommend checking your portfolio on a daily basis, a summary is available for viewing.

CNERG managed account representatives are available to discuss your portfolio at any time.

Under our Managed Account service you can easily benefit from our market knowledge and profitability. You have to open and deposit your own account and sit back and just enjoy the profit generated by us.


Annual Expected Return 8 <> 12%

Capital Risk 6.00%


Annual Expected Return 15 <> 18%

Capital Risk 12.00%


Annual Expected Return 28 <> 36%

Capital Risk 24.00%


Annual Expected Return 90.00%

Capital Risk 60.00%