Managed Accounts

Why Open an Managed Account?

Over the last several years, the Foreign Exchange market has become increasingly popular among private individuals. The growing number of intermediaries, high liquidity, and possibility to transact 24-hours a day and low initial investment have all contributed to the exponential growth in the currency market as an investment alternative to the more traditional asset classes. However, few people find the necessary time to trade themselves or have the patience and skill to generate long term positive returns. The capital growth highly sought after in the FX market is difficult to achieve for private individuals, especially in times of high volatility.

At CNERG offers private individuals participation in the Foreign Exchange market and the potential returns without the need to spend the countless hours required to invest wisely. CNERG is one of the few companies able to offer professional currency Managed Account services.

The Trading System

The CNERG Managed Account service uses a trading system based on different trading methods developed in-house. The trading methods generate various sell and purchase transactions on the spot currency market. In order to maximize profitability, transactions are entered into at very specific intervals during the day. Using these trading methods, CNERG is able to identify trends and to capitalize on them. CNERG’s trading methods are most efficient, and can be highly profitable, when markets form a trend during a trading day. Although the trading methods are fine-tuned to remain resilient under all market conditions, in times of range trading however, our Managed Account service may have a tendency to underperform and can lose money in the short term.

Transparency of your Managed Account

To ensure full transparency, all CNERG Managed Account clients are provided with the ability to monitor their account and the positions that CNERG has executed on their behalf via secure online access. Clients can also download the history of all transactions as well as their performance and account balance.

Risk/Return Trade-off

Since our objective is to deliver above-average returns, it is not unusual to see important draw-downs during the course of the year. However, our system seeks to ensure that the volatility of those returns remain in line with the potential profitability. CNERG does not recommend investment of more than 20% of the client’s net assets. We recommended that you also invest progressively over a period in order to diminish the effect of possible draw-downs.

Advantages of Wealth Management

An CNERG Managed Account provides diversification to investment portfolios. In addition, access to online data offers the opportunity to learn. It allows for the possibility of generating very high returns without having to deal with the stress associated with trading on your own Execution/Brokerage account.

CNERG will only earn a forex performance commission once it generates performance above the set minimum yearly benchmark. In the event a positive year is followed by a negative one, CNERG will not take any commission until all losses are first recovered.