How Does It Work?

The basis of the CNERG Managed Account Service is an advanced trading method system developed in house.

This system generates signals based on daily market movements and volatility, and has been tested over a long period of time. From these signals, the system generates sale or purchase transactions on the spot currency market. In order to maximize profitability, transactions are entered into at very specific intervals during the day. It is therefore not unusual to have many small sized transactions being executed over the course of the day in order to keep a constant pulse on all daily market movements. At the same time, in order to minimize risk, open positions are automatically and systematically closed at the end of each trading day.

Identifying market trends

Using this system, CNERG is able to identify market trends during the day and capitalize on them. The signals generated by the algorithm are most efficient, and can be highly profitable when markets are volatile or form a clear trend during a trading day. In times of range trading though, our Managed Account Service will have a tendency to suffer a negative performance.

However, looking at the historical performance achieved by our Currency Managed Account Service, it is important to note that, while the system performed positively less frequently than negatively, the average daily profits were higher than the average daily losses. In other words, on those days where the market moved out of a range trading cycle, the system’s performance compensated for any loses that had been generated during the range trading periods. Thus, in the medium to long-term our Managed Account Service has historically been able to generate returns superior to those of other asset classes. It is therefore an attractive investment opportunity to investors who have medium-term objectives and who, in the case of the Dynamic Strategy, can tolerate large, short-term fluctuations.

Full transparent currency investment

To ensure full transparency, all CNERG Managed Account clients are provided with the ability to monitor their account and the positions that CNERG has executed on their behalf via secure online access. Clients can also download the history of all transactions as well as their performance and account balance.