About Us

At CNERG, we believe in making your money work as hard as you do. We bring the vast potential of Forex trading to our clients so that they can capitalise on the opportunities with the wide array of our products and services without exposing themselves to unwanted risk and fluctuations in the market. We have state-of-art trading platforms that ensure secure and reliable transactions. CNERG has been around since 2009 and has a strong trustworthy track record that can be translated from the returns that we have been able to generate over the past years.

We have been around since 2009 and in these years spread our operations to GCC and India with a base of over 2000 customers and a portfolio which is USD 25 Million and going strong. Our team of experts has been surging ahead with impressive returns and great value addition to the clients.

Whether you are someone who is actively involved in trading keeping a tab on every minute’s surge or a corporate Major who needs to invest the extra Cash to generate additional Cash flow; we take care of all kinds of investment requirements. We service individuals, Corporates, and just about anyone who needs to make their assets work for them leveraging the opportunities in Forex trading. Depending on the risk, exposure and investment size we bring a host of products one can choose from:


Minimum Ticket Size $10,000 with Capital Risk of 6% and Expected Return 8-10%


Minimum Ticket Size $20,000 with Capital Risk of 10% and Expected Return 12-15%


Minimum Ticket Size $50,000 with Capital Risk of 20% and Expected Return 24-30%


Minimum Ticket Size $100,000 with Capital Risk of 60% and Expected Return 90%

We provide our clients a choice of Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts with varied features and facilities to optimize their investment experience with us. At CNERG we make trading simple, understandable and keep your transactions transparent. Join hands with the Pioneers of Forex trading and tap the infinite potential of trading in foreign exchange today.

  • Let your money work as hard as you do.
  • We talk trading and not in Greek.
  • State-of-the-art proprietary trading platforms
  • FX Asset Management Services since 2009